Our Promise


At Orrico Kourelis Funeral Services, Inc. we want you to understand that we think it’s important to only serve one Family at a time. We believe every family deserves individual attention, and that our small family service provides you with the compassion that this world often forgets.

We hope you see that our goal is not to serve as many families as we can, but quite the opposite “Complete Attention-Personal Compassion” these thoughts are more than a mission statement, they’re feelings that only come from within. It’s so common for directors today to just handle families, push them through and move them along. We believe in more than that.

Angela and I have both lost relatives and close friends of our own, and during these times it was only natural for us to be comforting and compassionate. Holding a hand; sharing a thought, knowing when to be silent. These are the feelings we all find deep within ourselves whenever it’s someone close. No request is too great, no task too difficult. That’s what family does and that’s what defines a friend. We think of those we served over the years as dear friends and an extension of our family, and take pride they think the same of us.

We truly believe we provide the individual attention and compassion that every family deserves. These are our intentions for everyone we serve – relative or neighbor, old friend or new acquaintance.

These our are intentions for everyone we serve.

Sincerely, Mike & Angela Orrico